Our Mission & Values

Love: The unconditional love from God fills us as we develop our relationship with Him. It then overflows in our lives, motivating us to share God’s message with others and live out the two greatest commandments to Love God with everything we are and have & to Love Others as ourselves.

Faith: This gift of God, this faith in our personal God, Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the cornerstone of our faith. This faith determines how we seek to live our lives. This faith is what brings us together as a Church, growing together, and sends us out again into our communities, serving together.

Supportive Community: Zion Baptist Church believes that a community is stronger when they work together. Through bearing burdens and sharing joys, we live love in action together. We seek to connect and support one another in the community, growing in understanding and the pursuit of helping those in need. We are blessed to have a good connection with multiple agencies, such as the following:

  • Money Mentors: Linda Mak
  • Kara Family Resource Centre: Deb Fiewellip
  • ABC Head Start: Asha Hersi, RSW
  • Al-Rashid Mosque: Noor Al-Henedy
  • Edmonton Public Library: Mikosshelek
  • Dickinsfield Amity House: Sarah Holmes

Integrity & Respect: We seek to live the truth of God in every area of our lives—basing our preaching, leadership, programs, and personal lives on biblical truth and morals with integrity. We seek to live respectfully within our society consistently and openly—treating all as equals made in the Image of God.

Our Pastors

Senior Pastor

After faithfully serving the church for over 11 years, Craig Traynor and his family have moved on to God’s next calling.

We are currently in search of a Senior Pastor. For more details, please contact us.

Youth Pastor

Michael Penner started as the youth pastor at the end of 2018. He and his wife Julie have lived and served in High Level, Calgary, and now Edmonton since being married. Before that, pastor Mike went to Prairie Institute for his BA in Youth Ministry. In his off time, Mike likes to play guitar, play board games, and adventure around the city with his wife.

Our Doctrine

Zion Baptist Church adheres to the doctrine of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, of which we are a member. For more information, please read the doctrinal statement of the denomination.