The Pastor

Craig Traynor

Craig Traynor has been pastor at Zion since 2008 and has led the church through refugee sponsorship, community garden development, solar installation, and continued connections with agencies and neighbours the community. He is married with 4 children, plays guitar, juggles, and loves Jesus. Pastor Craig also works part-time as a hospital chaplain.

Youth Pastor

Michael Penner

Michael Penner started as the youth pastor at the end of 2018. He and his wife Julie have lived and served in High Level, Calgary, and now Edmonton since being married. Before that, pastor Mike went to Prairie Institute for his BA in Youth Ministry. In his off time, Mike likes to play guitar, play board games, and adventure around the city with his wife.

Creation Care Program

Creation care is what we believe is the biblical view that Christians should be at the forefront of caring for creation as God's stewards and representatives. We are seeking to grow in our ability to protect the environment and care for this good gift that God has given us as part of our mission to reconcile all creation to God. Read more on our Creation Care page.

Community Care Focus

We seek to bless our community, focusing on commonality whenever possible. Community members we have a growing connection with:

  • ABC Head Start
  • Al-Rashid Mosque
  • Dickinsfield Amity House
  • Edmonton Public Library
  • Kara Family Resource Centre
  • Money Mentors

Generational Care

We believe that youth and children are not just our future, but our present! We seek to equip and encourage the youth in our church and community to genuinely engage with our society and culture with love and truth. We seek to be welcoming, encouraging, fun, and practical as we make disciples who in turn make disciples.

Living Out God's Love and Truth

We believe that God calls us to love Him and others. We also believe that truth is critically important. We seek to live in God's love and truth, while sharing it with everyone around us. We might not get it perfectly right all the time, but we seek to make it right and submit to God as He teaches us how to live in His love and truth.