Creation Care

The Green Initiative

“Creation care is what we believe is the biblical view that Christians should be at the forefront of caring for creation as God’s stewards and representatives.”

We believe the following:
That God created this physical world through Christ and for Christ, and created it good.1 Creation declares the glory of God, showing us His invisible attributes.2 Humanity itself was formed from the earth, with the breath of life from God, to take care of the earth as creation’s caretakers and God’s representatives.3

We also believe that humanity has failed in our role. We have corrupted and distorted creation.4 Creation now sits cursed to match its caretakers, awaiting God’s final work of remaking Heaven and Earth.5 While this current earth will pass away, it is a good gift from God and must be cared for with proper stewardship.6

Jesus Christ, died for us, the broken caretakers and marred representatives, to take our punishment and rose again to defeat death.7 Jesus now sits on the throne over all creation—what is seen and what is not seen.8

We at ZBCK seek to join in the work of Jesus Christ, reconciling all things to himself as His ambassadors/representatives—as He originally intended.9 We seek to care for creation as God’s representatives with loving kindness, gentle compassionate care, and ordered preservation.

Some of the ways we do this at ZBCK are as follows:
– Going Solar: Our roof is sporting a new look, with solar panels gracing its side.
– Energy Efficiency: Working to reduce energy use, install better lighting, and improve efficiency.


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